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Hokkai Sushi at Pickwick Place

Hokkai Sushi

Hokkai Sushi is a culinary gem known for its commitment to freshness and innovation. Their dedication to sourcing the freshest ingredients shines in dishes like their signature octopus sushi, where tender slices of octopus offer a unique texture and flavor experience. Beyond this standout dish, their menu is a treasure trove of inventive creations, from flavor-packed rolls to exquisite sashimi.

With a welcoming ambiance and friendly staff, Hokkai Sushi is the perfect spot for memorable dining experiences, whether it’s an intimate dinner or a casual sushi craving. Explore their menu for fresh and uniquely crafted dishes that leave a lasting impression.

octopus sushi

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Located in Glen Ellyn, IL

Located within the vibrant Pickwick Place Shopping Center in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, Hokkai Sushi resides between X-Treme Vape and Domino’s Pizza. This central spot positions it as a favored destination for sushi enthusiasts seeking a memorable dining experience. With its enticing array of fresh and flavorful sushi offerings, Hokkai Sushi shines as a culinary highlight amidst the diverse shopping and dining options available in the area.

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